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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chali Chaliga from Mr. Perfect

As promised, here are the notes for the Chali Chaliga.. from Mr.Perfect. Another beautiful song..



Thanks for your help


I have been waiting for the notes for this song for such a long time! Thank You so much :)


Once again Thank You so much Prasad gaaru :)

Good.. but i think some improvisation is required at "nee vaipe mallindi manasu.." But nice work... Keep on posting the telugu songs.. Thank you..

Can you please fix the needi naadi part? It is confusing...

I want the piano notes of Nenu Nuvventu Of orange and Boom Shankana Of Khaleja

Hi Prasanna, I am a piano beginner. Your notes are awesome & really feel good when I try to play them.

Can you recommend a mid priced keyboard?

Also, I am a great fan of Rahman and looking for notes on two songs that I love..

1. Spirit of Unity -
2. Preminche premava (Nuvvu Nenu Prema) -

can u plz upload dookudu songs?

thanks a lot . . . . . I am now happy to play my fav. Songs on my keyboard

hi could you please post the notes for the song "neevu leka veena" from Dr. Chakravarthy.

dear sir,
I am very happy to down load song form your site I want more notation form telugu songs

please send the same my email my phone no. 9848433779

my 8 yr old learning keyboard.. he loves "guruvaram march okati" from recent movie dookudu..can you pl. upload notes


Can you please put notes on piano for Dethadi Dethadi from Dookudu? Thanks so much in advance. Loved Chali Chaliga.

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