Monday, October 12, 2009

Panchadara Bomma (Magadheera)

Last few weeks have been very busy for me. Hence the delay in putting up the notes for the requested songs.

Thank you for using the suggestion feature for asking new songs. I will try and post all the requetss as soon as possible going forward.

Here is a nice song Panchadara Bomma.. from Magadheera, current Tollywood megahit. Again, I will try to post the video of this as soon as possible.

Download Notes for Panchadara Bomma (Magadheeera)


venkat said...

Great!I have been looking for notes of this song from long time.Thanks a lot :)

pras_Ad said...

no problem!

Anonymous said...

Can u provide notes with 2 hands and
it sound more fantasticer by adding more notes

shyama said...

hi sir...was luking for this song damnly.....especially for telugu song notations...i was damn happy when i found your site....the nly prob is tht ur notes are in western i nly know to play carnatic music so i have to convert it by writing it ......can u tell me if there is any converter from western notations to carnatic....thnks and regards...shyam

Anonymous said...

Simply superb. Can we play on CASIO-CTK-720. I tried a lot but couldn't make it. Can you please suggest on tempo and rhythm.

Srija said...

that is soooo helpful!! thx sooo much "jahapana, tussi great ho!"

Anonymous said...

Well notes are fine but seems to be needed more notes to add and yes make it for two hands .. your lyrics is all with mistakes please keep it clean .. no mistakes in lyrics .. lyrics helps to empathize the music well ..

SuperGV88 said...

Hey man, can you please also upload the notes for the western flute please. I'm been looking for telugu music notes for the western flute for 4 years, and i found only a few good ones.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir I want manam theme music can u upload

Naveen@Aarya said...

Hi Sir,

Could you kindly get me the Carnatic Notes for the song 'Bharathavedamuga'(same as Veena Instrumental Bit) from Telugu Pournami Movie, naaku ee song antey chala ishtam ...and I am very much interested and willing to play that song on Guitar.

It would be easy for me if I get the Carnatic Notes for this song.

Naaku ee help cheyandi,nenu chala runapadi vuntanu, as I am unable to get these notes on Internet too.

Name : Naveen