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Monday, November 30, 2009

Vandemataram (National Song)

Again, things have been very busy for me. I wil try to put up the notes for the requested songs as soon as possible.

Download Notes for Vandemataram


Superb Prasanna,
Thanx a lot.Googled a lot for this finally i got it.

let me know if you have the notes for carnatic version of vandemataram

notes for this video :

thanks for all ur efforts..


Sorry, I am not trained in Carnatic music. The video you sent was awesome, BTW.

superb music... really impressed by your blog.. Thanks a lot.

Thank you Mahalakshmi. It has been a very busy 2010 so far. Will try to post more notes soon.

Anna I have searched like hell for notes but i did not get thanx a lot............

can you please send notes for the song "aa neeli gaganana" from nuvvu naaku nachav.

Prasanna garu,
Idea to put notes online is Good..
Vandemataram vinnanu, second line Sujalam suphalam..... place lo em play chesharo artham kaledu..

stanza lo kuda oka tappu vundi..
This is my openion,
please contact some other to correct this lines...

Can any one pls post the notes of vande mataram.. i am here with only first line..

Gaa Paa , Ni Sa Ni SA
Van De , Ma .. Ta Ram

Pls do post them..

this is simply superb and congrats

I want to play this on the cello. Anybody has notes? Even a framework would help. Thanks.

what is the string for CASIO CTK245 for Vandemataram

Notes Index

Notes Index
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