Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ee Chota Unna ( Nuvve Nuvve)

Movie Name: Nuvve Nuvve (2002)
Singer: Chithra K S
Music Director: Koti
Lyrics: Siri Vennela Sitarama Sastry

Download the notes for this song


srinivas said...

Hi Prasanna,

I am srinivas. I am working as a software engineer and I am new piano learner.These notes with lyrics helped me lot to play the song.Simply u r going to win the hearts of telugu music lovers and key board players.Thank you so much.


Drifting Star said...

Hi Prasanna:

I was searching for Indian music notes and google led me to your site. I am glad to see you here. You are helping a lot of us out here.

Sri Ganesh Buddhavarapu
UofA 2004

pras_Ad said...

Hey Ganesh.. How are you? Long time no see..Thank you for your appreciation.

Drifting Star said...

Hi Prasanna:

I am glad to see a response. Yes, it has been a long time. I saw the videos, you are very talents. Can you make notes just by listening to the songs? I don't have that ear.

Sri Ganesh

vinodmbbs said...

can u plz post the notes for "vennello hai hai' song from ounu validaru istapadaru..thanks in advnce :)